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Why Choose Us?

We are an EAP/WorkLife-only company

  • No association with insurance companies, healthcare systems, etc.
  • No conflict of interest when making referrals from the EAP
  • EAP is our only line of business and we do it best.

We are the only EAP in the U.S. offering a Staff and Affiliate Model

  • Our national affiliate network is one of the largest in the industry.
  • We open and staff our own office in the immediate location of large employers to ensure fast and easy accessibility to their LifeServices’ Account Management Team. Currently we have 17 fully staffed offices throughout the U.S.

We believe the EAP should be promoted, used, and the employer should see a healthy return on their investment

  • Unlimited employee orientation sessions, unlimited supervisor trainings, unlimited onsite Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, and unlimited promotional materials (brochures, flyers, cards, posters, etc.) are always included in our contracts at no additional charge.
  • Education and promotion results in utilization of the EAP. Utilization affects the employer’s bottom line by decreasing healthcare claims, decreasing work-comp claims, and maintaining a workforce of healthier and happier valued employees.
  • Comprehensive Utilization Reports and Quality Assurance Survey Reports are always provided. Our client companies have a clear understanding of how their employees value our programs and services.

We are known as the most customer-service oriented EAP in the U.S.

  • Our toll-free line is answered live, 24/7/365
  • Callers reach a live attendant within 3 rings
  • Routine requests for counseling will be offered a face-to-face session with a local, licensed counselor within 2 working days of the call. Emergencies seen immediately.
  • Human Resource Directors and Management staff always have quick and easy access to their Account Management Team for consultation, referrals, and emergencies.
  • We form a true partnership with our client companies by becoming part of their team. When appropriate, we integrate our services with the employer’s onsite medical clinics, wellness programs, or other internal resources so the employees and the employer receive maximum benefit from all programs.